A collection of heartfelt recipes from my family, to yours.

"My real love of cooking started when I left home. This is where I had the opportunity to explore in my own kitchen and create something special. Leading up to this, I was always surrounded by food – big families, European background. An abundance of people always meant an abundance of food. Little did I know my appreciation for food would soon turn into a love affair.

This book is merely a guide to give you the basic tools and knowledge to understand the connection between ingredients and flavours. This is my way of cooking, and I only aim to show you the way I learnt to love it. If I can provide you with only a small percentage of inspiration in the kitchen, then in my eyes, I have won."


Nonna Maria's Stuffed Melanzane, Eggplant

The secret's out. Learn to cook the way Nonna does in some of these traditional family recipes.

Baked Sardines

Whether they're fresh or tinned, The Table of Us contains recipes on how to showcase this wonderful ingredient in either way, shape or form.

Insalata di Polpo, Octopus and Potato Salad

A personal favourite, learn how to create this Italian masterpiece in your very own kitchen.

About The Author

Simone Agostino is an Australian born into an Italian migrant family, living in Perth, Western Australia.

With both Sicilian and Abruzzese heritage, Simone was always surrounded by fresh produce, regional recipes and an abundance of togetherness within the greater family. With the aim of keeping her heritage alive, Simone has created The Table of Us to share some of her family recipes, memories and travels to encourage others to embrace the Italian culture that she was so fortunate to be born into.  

'This is one of the best self-published cookbooks that I have ever seen!'

Beaufort St Books

'Simone and Dan Agostino have combined their talents and passion to create a cookbook that pays homage to their rich heritage.'

The West Australian

'In her debut cookbook, Simone captures the true essence of Italian culture far beyond the recipe pages.'

WA Good Food Guide